Monthly Archives: April 2011

Fresh new photos


The blossoms have finally burst from the buds and the trees are full of colour, spring is here at last.

The shapes and patterns that the branches make against a blue sky I find so beautiful.  It is a great time for looking closer, at the stunning displays provided by mother nature and a time when I feel most inspired.

Here are a few shots of my favourite natural shapes and patterns taken whist wondering through Cambridge, just before the blossom emerged.

The cherry blossom always seems to be so eager to be one of the first to emerge.

With all the flowers brings the busy buzzy bees, which I have seen lots of whilst reshooting my products in the garden.  I have been a busy photographer bee trying to improve my product shots.  The bees are always welcome company to what can be a long days work trying to get the shots just right, and my boss is pretty hard to please!

I hope you like looking through my fresh new photos, and my cheeky buzzy bee’s too!

Sweet Floral Card

Tree Sparrow Card

Turtle Dove Card

Seed Spheres Card

Hurricane Glass Lamp – made from recycled glass – hand painted ‘fennel’ design .

Each Lamp £45

Large red wine glass –  made from recycled glass – hand painted ‘fennel’ design.

Set of four £45

Tumbler glasses –  made from recycled glass – hand painted ‘fennel’ design.

Set of four glasses £40

Some new products have been added to my shop so please take a look, perfect for summer time entertaining!