As a shy little girl I dreamt that when I grow up I was going to become an artist and create beautiful things for people. I spent most of my Saturdays either pestering my brother to join in with the footy game in the park (sorry bro I really have always cramped your style), or making drawings of animal characters, creating stories or sewing clothes for my teddies.

When I was drawing I would sprawl out on the floor with marker pens at the back of my folk’s chippy and draw on the giant sheets of chip paper. Sometimes I would be given the job to make signs for the ‘special offers’ to put up in the shop front. I was very proud of those, my first commissions!

So that was a long time ago, I’ve not really grown up, but hey I’m doing that thing I always wanted to do: illustrating and making things for lovely people. I still do most of my drawing sprawled out on the floor, I’ve upgraded my marker pens but I tend not to draw on chippy paper these days.

Jumping forward many years I studied illustration and went on to graduate from the Children’s Book Illustration MA at Cambridge School Of Art in 2010. From here, I was eager to get my work out into the world and designed my first range of cards, knocked on some doors and the rest, they say, is history!

I have always loved animals and want my work to promote kindness to all species, as well as make you giggle. As a vegan I am careful about the products I produce, what they are made from, where they are manufactured and by whom, and that can they be recycled. My products are proudly cruelty free, and I am always looking for new technologies to lessen their environmental impact.

The best thing about making pictures is when I see that I’ve made someone smile, we all need to smile sometimes.

I hope you enjoyed reading this epic ‘about me’ page and perhaps you will take a look at my products. I hope they brighten your day.