Commissions and Branding

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss a commission of any sort. I have experience in greetings card design, surface pattern design, logo and branding and I love to write and illustrate for children. Take a look at some examples of some branding and design work below.

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  • Pet Portrait & Card Christmas Gift Set

    Pet Portrait & Card Christmas Gift Set

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  • Pet Portrait with Two Cats

    Pet Portrait Illustration

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  • Custom Wedding Stationery

    Custom Wedding Stationery

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  • Immy's Cafe Logo

    Immy’s Cafe Logo

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  • Wooly Woofers Book Illustrations

    Wooly Woofers Book Illustrations

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  • Magpie Collaboration

    Magpie Collaboration

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  • Kew Gardens Exclusive Range

    Kew Gardens Exclusive Range

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  • Aggie & Hilda Logo

    Aggie & Hilda Logo

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  • Country Living Homes Logo

    Country Living Homes Logo

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  • Ginger & White Branding

    Ginger & White Branding

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  • Dandelion Cafe Branding

    Dandelion Cafe Branding

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  • Cuckoo Clothing

    Cuckoo Clothing

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Showing all 12 results