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Doggy Bags for Ginger & White Coffee Shop

Recently I was thrilled to be asked if my bulldog illustration could be used for promotion for the fantastic ‘Ginger & White’ coffee shop. The design was used on the postcards and on the window coverings as the shop was being refurbished. Most recently it has been made into a fab projection sign for their new Soho Coffee shop. I added the hand rendered font to the design and here is the finished article!

The Ginger & White Sign at Soho – Photo Credit Tonia George

Now the Bulldog is available on a tote bag too from Ginger & White Coffee shops, perfect to take your your sandwiches away in!

New Ginger & White Doggy Bag tote available from Ginger & White Coffee shops

Whenever I do craft fairs in London my little bulldog card always gets recognised as the doggy from the coffee shop, which always makes me smile and I’m glad people remember this little guy. To see more of my doggy designs take a peek at my shop where I am always adding new breeds or I will happily do any pet commissions, which make a fantastic personal gift.

Bulldog card available from Jo Clark Design

Time for a coffee I think!


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