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Latest Commission of super cute French Bulldog “Sawyer”

I am always so thrilled to get asked to create a commission of a beloved pet, as its what I like to do best draw cute stuff! When I saw the photos of this adorable much loved little pooch called ‘Sawyer’ I was just so eager to get going!

So I thought I would document the process to show how I work on a drawing and how I build colours using marker pens and pencil.

Photo of dog

The lovely adorable French Bulldog called ‘Sawyer’.

Sawyer commission 1

So this is the very first step once I have chosen the photographs that I want to work from and the position of the subject on the page I just put down a flat colour of the highlights from the dogs coat.

picture of french bulldog commission in process

Then I start to build up some warmth by adding another peachy colour over the top of the base colour.

French Bulldog commission

Now I add the darker shades and shadows.

French Bulldog Commission

I now cover the whole dog shape with a lovely tan colour and use a lighter colour to pick out highlights around the head and face.

French Bulldog Commission

Then I define the creases around the mouth and face with a dark grey colour

French Bulldog

When I am happy with the colours and highlights and shadows I add the defining pencil lines and graphite to bring out the features and those big puppy eyes!

Final sawyer image

The final stage was to add some lovely decorative flowers and foliage as Sawyer loves to run around outside in her garden.

Framed Sawyer Original illustration

The final result!

Have your very own pet illustration, it makes a fantastic gift for all the family or a great surprise gift for the owner of a beloved pet. All I will need is a selection of good quality clear colour photographs to work from and at least four weeks to complete your picture. So place your orders soon to make sure you have a fantastic unique gift to give this Christmas!

I can’t wait to see your lovely pet pictures!

Thanks for reading!

jo x


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